Palm Tree Nutrition & Health Fertilization Program

Palm Tree Health Care

Palm trees experience unique mineral deficiencies

 Getting to the root of the problem requires an evaluation from an experienced specialist. On top of that palm weevils and spiraling whitefly are catastrophic to some species of palm tree. Good nutrition is necessary to defend against predatory insects.

Luckily we are known as the local palm tree experts and have saved and nursed back to health hundreds of palms, and prevent infestations in 1000’s of them.

A Closer Look At Palm Tree Nutrition Or Lack Of

Let take a closer look at palm tree nutrition or lack of it. The truth is that it can be tricky diagnosing the problem. That is why you need experts with a proven track record. Experts that have succeeded where others have failed. In general the trees need a careful mixture of iron, nitrogen, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, and other substances. Specific deficiencies require a calculated approach.

Lawngevity has nearly 3 decades of experience caring for our pretty Sarasota area palms.

A Plan Is Formed Based On Species Of Plant & Symptoms

While it’s true the for general fertilization, most variety of palms will do fine with a wide application mixture. That is not true for all palms, and never true when symptoms arise or the tree is infested with invaders. Too much of one mineral can inhibit absorption of another, in similarity to humans.

Unique Approach & Perspective

Specific species of plant have unique fertilizer requirements and a treatment requires customization based on species and symptoms. Two more common problems are lack of potassium and/or magnesium. Potassium deficiency is the most common. Consideration of the soil must be given when forming implementing palm tree health care.

Foxtail Palm Potassium Deficiency

Keep Untrained Hands Away

Another problem is “shock” which occurs when over zealous property owners try to take matters into their own hands and over fertilize the tree or use an improper mixture for that species of palm. We’ve even seen so-called “lawn-care” companies cause more harm than good. Guys, in the best interest of local palm trees, stick to mowing the lawns only please.

Watching The Weather

Noting the season and weather can give tips to the possible cause of tree impairment. In seasons or periods with too much heavy rain Boron leaching occurs, leading to a lack of Boron. Extremely dry soil can also cause Boron deficiency.

Stage Of Life Or Environment Change

Finally, the stage of life must also be considered. For example, palms recently transplanted from containers into the ground are most likely to experience a lack of Nitrogen. Otherwise, a Nitrogen deficiency is uncommon in Florida soils.

Sylvester Palm Lacking Potassium

Pests Steal Nutrition & Make Palm Trees Sick

If the palm tree has pests that are chewing away at the tree and wreaking havoc to the immune system of the plant special problems arise. This requires additional steps to be taken.


Palm Weevil Damage

Not only do the pests literally eat away the nutrition, but the repair and immune functions of the tree need specific nutrition. The most common destroyer of greater Sarasota palms are palm weevils. For several years spiraling whitefly was also major concern but is less predominant today.

Note: For palm tree infestations you need our Arbor-Jet Tree Injections. Fertilizer applications do not eliminate pests. If you have a Canary Island Date or a Bismarck palm, these two palm trees are most susceptible to Palm Weevil and should be injected to protect from Palm Weevil.

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