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Greater Sarasota Lawn Care Program

It Takes A Lot More Than Just Fertilizer To Have Beautiful Green Turf

You need a minimum of 5-6 hours of direct sunlight. The more hours of sunlight the thicker the lawn can be. It is most important to match with proper watering based on hours of sunlight and time of year.

Regular mowing reduces stress to grass and mow higher as grass grows faster. Now this is where we can make a difference with proper fertilizer, and insect, weed, and fungus control.

At Lawngevity we have the skill and experience to take over where others have failed. We are ready to take on the toughest lawns. Our team of professionals knows how to spot and eliminate problems. We have a special 4 step approach to giving our customers a green healthy outdoors. Our lawn care program is unmatched.

Our Specialized 4 Step Approach

First, by specialized approach we mean that every property has it’s unique needs. What is good and works for one property is not necessarily what is best for another property. For a lawn care plan to be effective it needs to be customized. We will survey the property and determine the best course of action for each location we service.


    Pest Control


   Fungus Control

Give Your Lawn The Nutrition It Needs To Grow And Fight Off Invaders

Protect Your Lawn From Turf Damaging Insects

Prevent Weeds From Invading And Overtaking Your Lawn

Control Fungus And Prevemt It From Making Your Lawn Sick


When your lawn doesn’t have the nutrition it needs it becomes grey, weakened, and susceptible to attack from weeds, pests, and fungus. We make sure the turf not only stays green but also has the nutrients to give it the rich healthy look the neighbors envy. Fertilizer is the foundation of good lawn care.

Pest Control

There are four main insects to be concerned about (and a few less predominant ones), and Lawngevity sends them packing with our specialized lawn care pest control. Our service controls lawn damaging insects like…

Chinch Bugs

Grub Worms

Sod WebWorms

Mole Crickets

Note: We target lawn damaging insects with our service. Our application will also help with fire ants. If fire ants continue to be a problem in the shrub beds or lawn you will need our specialized Once-A-Year Fire Ant Control service.


If left unchecked, weeds can take over a yard in a short period of time. We rotate our herbicides every application. Our carefully timed and applied herbicide plan is like 24 hour house arrest for weeds. With Lawngevity you won’t spend your Saturday pulling out weeds or circling the yard with a spray bottle.

Fungus Control

In Florida sometimes our lawns don’t get enough water and sometimes they get too much. Typically, when a lawn has a problem with fungus it has a lot to do with the watering being incorrect for the time of year. So when we apply a fungicide to your lawn we will notify you on correcting the irrigation at the same time to control fungus. Our customized and fungus control system will keep those nasty fungi under control.

Note: Lawngevity has a program for monitoring and adjusting your irrigation system so as seasons and the weather changes you’ll have neither too much water or not enough. See our Irrigation & Sprinkler page for details.

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