Fire Ant Control

Once A Year Guaranteed Fire Ant Control For Sarasota

If You Have Ever Walked In Your Yard And Looked Down To See Fire Ants Covering Your Shoe This Service Is For You

The Fire Ant gets it’s name from the sting you feel. Contrary to popular belief the pain is not caused by a bite. Fire ants bite only to get a firm grip before planting down a painful sting. Still it’s not fun, and you can avoid fire ants all year with our annual fire at control.

When fire ants sting they are injecting a venom. The toxin is called Solenopsin. It’s rare but people (as well as pets) have died from cardiorespiratory failure from excessive fire ant stings. Fire ants are a danger and should be eliminated from the yards of homeowners.

One Application Lasts An Entire Year

Imagine being able to walk around barefoot knowing you won’t have a fire-ant-encounter. Dads, go outside and play ball with the kids. We at Lawngevity are always on the look out for new products and new technologies so we can stay on top and provide the best service. That’s why we can guarantee our fire ant service for a full year. If you see fire ants, we’ll come back for free.

Fire Ant Facts

Colonies have been known to have a population on average of 200,000 to 250,000.
Fire ants mostly feed on young plants and seeds, but will attack small animals and can kill them.
They are a more aggressive species of ant than others and will even invade a beehive and steal its contents.
The preferred spot for nesting is by riverbanks, near ponds, or watered lawns and they are usually invisible. Mounds are built under timber, rocks, or even mulch.
In open fields their mounds can reach higher than 16 inches tall. Record books have fire ant hills in excess of 3 feet tall.                                                                                                 How To Eliminate Ants From Your Property

You could buy something at the store that works temporarily. Then the hot Florida sun comes out and breaks it down. After that the vibrant Sarasota thunderstorms wash away the rest. Then its back to the hydrocortisone and the ibuprofen, if that even helps.

The better choice is to call Lawngevity to put the beat-down on stinging fire ants for a full year. You’ll save money by not buying pesticides and topical fire ant bite solutions. Protect yourself, your family, and your pets with Guaranteed Fire Ant Control.

Lawngevity also offers a Lawn Care Service that eliminates turf damaging insects, as well as provides, fertilizer, weed and fungus control.

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