Residential Interior Perimeter Pest Control

Pest Control For Your HomePerimeter Pest Control – Indoor Pest Control THAT’S NOT INDOOR

As confusing as that may sound, yes we do provide an indoor pest control that is not applied indoors. To clarify, the first service involves coming indoors to inspect, evict pests, and an indoor application is done at that time (and the first perimeter application outdoors).
Once the pests are eliminated during the first service, it’s just a matter of keeping them out with carefully timed perimeter applications. Note: With severe infestations a second indoor application may be necessary.

The Benefits Of A Perimeter Pest Control Program

One of the great things about our perimeter service is that you don’t have to leave work or drop what you are doing to be home to let us in. In fact, you don’t have to change a thing after our initial visit. We’ll handle the pest control and you keep doing what you are doing.
Another great thing about our service is that you can keep your privacy. After the first service we usually don’t have to come in again. Got dishes pilling up? We’ll never see them. Dirty socks on the floor? What dirty socks? Residential Pest Control does not have to be inconvenient.

So What If I See A Bug Inside? Will You Come In For Another Indoor Application?

Sure we will. And at no additional cost to you. We guarantee our perimeter service so if you find pests indoors just call us.
NOTE: It’s rare for a customer to see any pests inside after a few weeks have past since our first indoor/perimeter visit. But we have been in business nearly 2 decades and this is Florida where pests thrive. We treat our customers well and treat your home like our home. We’re dependable and we’re ready to prove it.
Usually if you do see a bug, it’s a dead bug. This does not mean you have pest living inside. They must travel through our perimeter pesticide applications to get inside. They usually don’t make it, but if they do they are already dying. Our service provides a barrier around your home. Attempting to cross that barrier has consequences. Well, if you are a roach anyway.
Got a Fire Ant problem? We can be the problem, for Fire Ants. Check out our Fire Ant Control and go bite-free indoors and out.

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