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Our Irrigation Maintenance & Adjustments System

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Watering is the MOST IMPORTANT part of a healthy lawn!

Florida is a tricky place. Some months it doesn’t rain at all. The following month it doesn’t stop raining. Irrigation timing is important to lawn health. With too little water patches may start to brown or even die in the hot Florida summer.
Irrigation control and regular modifications are the most important component of a green healthy turf. And lets not forget our trees and shrubs. Our irrigation service monitors, adjusts and recalibrates, and even provides for repairs.

What Happens When We Visit An Irrigation Maintenance Customer?

We run all zones, adjust and clean sprinkler heads, calibrate zone times, set the controller, and replace worn or broken parts. It’s crucial to keep an eye on the irrigation system in order to keep your lawn at its best. We take the guess work out of setting your irrigation so your sprinklers do the job right.


When we arrive at the property we take a look at the lawn to see any if there are any problem areas starting to form. We check every zone and every sprinkler head, water pressure, etc…

Adjustment & Calibration

We consider many factors including; time of year, projected and recent weather, individual zone needs, and neighborhood or city/county regulations when determining zone calibration and controller settings. Time duration, frequency and time of day are adjusted as needed.

General Repairs

If we find any repairs are necessary during our visit such as a broken pipe or damaged sprinkler head we’ll make the repair. There is no additional service fee, however, the customer will be billed for the necessary parts.

Note: We do not install irrigation systems. Our service covers general repairs and not foundational repairs. What is a foundational repair vs a general repair? A foundational repair is more like the original installation work. We’ll publish more details later. For now, please call our office with any questions.

We Follow Various Water Restrictions Set By The Counties

Our Irrigation Maintenance Plan Checks The Rain Sensor Shut-Off Device
Sprinklers On After A Heavy Rain. Over-Watering Breeds Fungus.
With the Lawngevity irrigation maintenance plan we keep you up to date with the latest regulations and guideline from local authorities on water usage. Sarasota and Manatee counties have rules for watering, as do most places in Florida now days. For example, generally, no watering may occur between the hours of 10:00am and 4:00pm on any day.
Residents are supposed to have rain sensor shut-off devices on any automated irrigation systems as well. The image to the right shows sprinklers running right after a hard rain.
Watering days are based on address number. For more information visit Sarasota County Water Restrictions or Manatee County Watering Restrictions.

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