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Systemic Tree Care With ArborJet Injections

The Evil Palm Weevil Is The Most Destructive Of Threats To Florida Palm Trees

Palm Tree Weakened By Palm Weevil Attack

The “Palmetto Weevil” is the largest known weevil in the United States and is native to Florida. To combat this palm tree predator we use Arbor-Jet Tree Injections. Not only will this kill the weevil, but also other catastrophic pests like Scales or Spiraling Whitefly.

The two most common trees to fall under the grip of palm weevil are the Bismarck Palm and the Canary Island Date, also known as a pineapple palm. Palm Trees can also get fungi or bacterial diseases like Lethal Yellows and Texas Phoenix Palm Decline (yes, in Florida too) which is also treated with our tree injection program

What Are Arbor-Jet Tree Injections?

Tree injections consist of unique products that promote tree health and recovery… IMA-jet, PHOSPHO-jet, PALM-jet, and Arbor-OTC. The systemic insecticide (IMA-jet) is harmless to the tree, but when pests take a bite, they die.

More About IMA-jet

Broad spectrum insect control with long residual activity
for micro-injection and Micro Infusion® application
through Arborjet’s injection systems. IMA-jet is used
in the management of specific insect pests of palm and other trees.
Has low toxicity to mammals and therefore
offers a lower risk than other insect
control products.

A Palm Weevil Close-Up -The Dreaded Palmetto (Palm) Weevil

More About PHOSPHO-jet

Tree injectable systemic fungicide for the
suppression of various diseases in trees. It is specially formulated for
efficient tree uptake and translocation within the tree. This product is
also a plant resistance activator that induces broad spectrum defense
responses in the plant against plant pathogens.

More About PALM-jet

Containing minerals such as Potassium (K) and Magnesium (Mg)
to promote green foliage, alleviate symptoms and seasonal nutrient deficiencies.
Important to restore nutrition promoting recovery after an infestation. Systemic activity occurs when PALM-jet Mg moves upward into the crown
where it is utilized for new frond growth. Treatments will aid in the development of green fronds.

Red Palm Scale

More About Arbor-OTC

Arbor-OTC suppresses serious bacterial diseases such as
Bacterial Leaf Scorch, Fire Blight, Lethal Yellows, and Texas Phoenix Palm Decline,
Palm Yellows, Ash Yellows, Phytoplasma Disease.
The formula is trunk injected to target diseased tissue
and seal treatment inside tree when the bacterial disease is present.

Deficiencies, Pests, Fungi, and Diseases Don’t Stand A Chance!

Palm Tree Branch With Whitefly Infestation With Honeydew And Mold

A Combination Approach To Recovery

By combining our Arbor-jet method with our Palm Tree Nutrition Program we have been able to save lots of trees in Sarasota-Manatee. They are not just surviving, but thriving.

What About Other Trees?

Tree Injections are not limited in use to only palm trees. Many trees can benefit. For example we get calls for oak trees as well. Cycads (similar in appearance to palm trees) do not usually respond favorably to tree injections.

Note: Cycads, like the Sago Palm are not technically palm trees.

Bismarck Palm Dying Or Dead From Palm Weevil

Trust Lawngevity to do everything possible to protect and save your precious trees. But hurry, if you wait too long, it could be too late. Contact us today!

Before Lawngevity With Palm Weevil Infestation
A Year After Our Palm Tree Injections With Lawngevity And No More Palm Weevil

Not only were we able to evict the palm weevil and save their Canary Date Palm. We turned their whole landscape green as well.

Note: One year in between photos.


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