ProVista Turf Grass

ProVista Turf Grass might be a game changer for how much money Florida residents need to spend to keep their lawns looking green, healthy, and weed free.

ProVista is a genetically altered Floratam St.Augustine grass designed to make owning a green, healthy lawn that much simpler.

ProVista Turf Grass is serviced and taken care of the same way as your average Floratam St.Augustine lawn. However, if you’re tired of spending thousands of dollars trying to eliminate grassy type weeds like Crab grass, Wild Bermuda, or Torpedo Grass. You will want to look into getting ProVista Turf. ProVista Turf has been genetically designed to withstand a broader range of hebicides and grants us the ability to treat these grassy type weeds without harming the Lawn.

Another benefit to having this new type of grass is that it grows at half of the rate from normal Floratam lawns. Slower growth rate means less mowing, saving you an average of $1500 per acre of lawn per year just on mowing alone. ProVista also offers you another benefit that saves you money. It is designed to remain greener for longer with less fertilizer than traditional Floratam. It has also been designed to grow in even thicker resulting in less runoff, which keeps excess nutrients out of the environment.

Just like average St.Augustine lawns ProVista Thrives in a full sun environment. But it also offers better performance in more shady areas as well. ProVista Turf Grass is the latest version of the popular Floratam product, which has a great reputation for gorgeous, low maintenance lawns.

If you are in the market for a beautiful low maintenance lawn, ProVista is the lawn for you. If you have any questions regarding ProVista please do not hesitate to give us a call at our office at 941-379-5296. Just ask for Mike

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