Humic Acid, What is it? And why we apply it.

When a new home is built, sterile dirt and sand is used to raise and level the landscape. This sterile terrain has no nutrients in it, and yet lawn and landscape is expected to grow. By adding the Humic you are building a top soil layer that adds microbial activity. Helping the turf combat weeds, insects, and disease naturally. Thus allowing less pesticides to be needed.

Benefits to Humic also improve soil structure, water retention, nutrient uptake, healthier root structure and overall greener healthier lawn and landscape. To have a healthy landscape you need to have healthy soil. Benefits to applying Humic increases microbial activity in the topsoil, root growth of the turf and landscape, which then reduces stress on the turf and landscape from environmental conditions such as drought and heat.

Water retention from Humic benefits drought stressed lawns in neighborhoods with tough water restrictions. 3 days of full sun is all it takes for grass to suffer from the effects of drought stress. Drought stress is the number 1 problem of typical yards and neighborhoods in SW Florida with water restrictions.

One of the biggest benefits of humic is the increased nutrient uptake in the soil. There are nutrients that are always bound to the soil and unavailable to the plant. Humic releases these nutrients to the root of the plant creating a healthier plant. Allowing nitrogen fertilizer to be applied at a lower rate benefiting the environment.


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